Carla Accardi

°1924 Trapani, Italy

Carla Accardi became widely known in the early 1950s for her radical and individual style that departed from both Italian provincialism and post-cubism. In 1947 she co-signed the Forma 1 Manifesto, with artists such as Dorazio, Sanfilippo and Turcato, who were to develop and propagate a more analytical approach to art. She fills the canvas with a strict lexicon of abstract forms that continuously manage to strike a balance between writing and drawing, as well as between the painting and the sign. At times the pictorial writing breaks out of the frame format and starts to overrun transparent surfaces or tents. The latter are actual painted housing units that remind us of Mario Merz’s igloos, but rather without the archaeological and primitive aspects that characterize Arte Povera.




Carla Accardi - Opere recenti

september 22 - november 26, 2000

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