Isa Genzken

°1948 Bad Oldesloe, Germany

Isa Genzken studied in Hamburg, Berlin and Dusseldörf.

Her work is difficult to define, since she herself eschews intellectual and formal restrictions. Although her practice is essentially  sculptural, it also involves painting, photography and architecture.

For her 1990 exhibition at Galerie Greta Meert, Genzken presented poured concrete sculptures on metal stands. The forms resembled architectural fragments : details or ruins.

Several of the pieces were titled “Window", a theme which interests the artist because of its evocation of interior and exterior and its simultaneous function as framing element, rupture and image.

Viewpoint is central to Genzken’s concerns. In 1990 she installed a steel frame, “Camera", (418 x 520 cm) on the gallery’s rooftop, offering a view of the city below.  



Isa Genzken

september 15 - october 27, 1990

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